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Montana Could Legalize Recreational Marijuana for Adults in 2020

Montana Marijuana Legalization

New Approach Montana, a campaign working to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in the state, announced the launch of a statewide signature drive starting this week in support of two complementary marijuana legalization ballot initiatives.

The first ballot initiative, I-190, is a statutory initiative that would legalize marijuana in Montana for adults and establish a regulatory framework for cultivation and sales. The second, CI-118, is a constitutional initiative that would set the legal minimum age for purchasing, consuming, or possessing marijuana at 21.

“As a public health professional and former director of DPHHS, I am encouraged to see the concentrated effort that New Approach Montana is putting forth to protect the health of Montanans as it moves forward with its signature gathering,” said Joan Miles. “New Approach Montana is closely following the governor’s phase one recommendations for return to public life in light of the COVID pandemic, so their signature drive looks different than it did before the pandemic. The protocols they have put in place to lessen public risk are very considerate.”

To qualify for the November 2020 ballot, the campaign must gather 25,468 signatures for I-190 and 50,936 signatures for CI-118. Under state law, all signatures must be submitted to county clerks by June 19.