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11 Medical Marijuana Proposals Reach the Indiana Legislature

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11 medical marijuana related proposals hit the Indiana legislative process this session. Two are still actively moving through the process with the potential of being approved. Indiana is one of only six states without some form of medical marijuana legalization.

Indiana senators think highly of Dr. Trent Jones and often consult him regarding medical marijuana, according to WBAA Radio. His comments have been sought for the past seven years. Dr. Jones works with the National Institute for Cannabis and Endocannabinoid Research (NICER).

Dr. Jones said previously that, “The longer you wait on these children with catastrophic seizures the more damage you do to their ability to develop. This is the seventh time I’ve personally testified for it, for CBD and industrial hemp in general.”

Dr. Jones is very supportive of Senate Bill 15 to allow medical marijuana for the treatment of epilepsy. So far, the bill has passed the House. It has support in both the House and Senate.

David Phipps, a medical marijuana lobbyist, said, “Bills similar to SB 15 have passed unanimously through the House. We expect the same thing to happen and the next obstacle will be the governor’s desk.”

The difficulty here is, Governor Eric Holcomb is not supportive of medical marijuana and is not interested in legalizing it. The state’s opioid epidemic is part of the reason.

A doctor and mother supports the legalization of CBD products, especially for her 12-year-old epileptic son. Bettyjo Bouchey was offered CBD oil from an out-of-state friend but refused it out of fear of prosecution for attempting to help her son’s seizure disorder.

Bouchey said, “If anything we just want the chance to see if it works. You know, let’s do some clinical trials, let’s do some proof of concept, you know I’m a doctor I believe in evidence, I get it.”

The House will continue discussions on Senate Bill 15 in the next few weeks.