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Indiana Attorney General Candidate Calls for Marijuana Legalization


Jonathan Weinzapfel is a Democratic candidate for Indiana Attorney General who is calling on the state to legalize marijuana because it’d bring in tax revenue that could help the state recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Another point made by the candidate is that its neighbors have already legalized, Indy Star reported. The funds from marijuana taxes could also help fund public education.

Weinzapfel’s stance on marijuana has shifted a bit from being just pro-medical marijuana to decriminalization and now full legalization.

Weinzapfel said, “As Attorney General, I would work with the Indiana General Assembly to create a well-regulated system and advocate that tax dollars generated from the sale of recreational cannabis to be directed towards public schools and giving teachers a raise. I also would push for a portion of those new dollars to be invested in supporting and improving public safety.”

The candidate’s opposition does not share the same support for legalization.