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Senator Says Indiana Attorney General Is Fear-Mongering Marijuana

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Indiana State Senator Karen Tallian wrote a rebuttal piece in response to Indiana AG Curtis Hill’s blatant opposition to marijuana reform. She has monitored all of the legislation passing through Indiana, along with filing legislation herself. Senator Tallian is disturbed with Attorney General Hill’s editorial urging against marijuana reform.

Prosecutors in Indiana are also against marijuana reform, The Chicago Tribune article reports. Senator Tallian commented that people should stop going to jail and obtaining criminal records for possessing “a substance that is legal in many other places”. Indiana’s current laws do not make it possible for those convicted of drug crimes at young ages to find employment.

The “gateway drug” theory was also discussed, and was called an invalid argument by Senator Tallian. AG Hill’s comments regarding impaired driving, addiction and increased crimes were called misleading and not providing of conclusions of studies.

In regards to opioid addiction and marijuana addiction, Senator Tallian pointed out that studies show that medical marijuana may help addicts stop the usage of other, more serious drugs.

With research efforts also stunted by marijuana’s illegal status on a federal level and states that have not adopted marijuana reform, it makes research difficult. Prohibition doesn’t work, the senator pointed out.

Senator Tallian closed her piece with the positives that have happened in Indiana this year, such as the legalization of cannabidiol oil for epileptic children. She is hopeful that additional steps forward will be made in Indiana’s Legislature in the near future.

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