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Indiana Epileptic Excited About State’s New CBD Law

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Drake Abramson has epilepsy. He is hopeful that Indiana’s new cannabidiol oil program will help others to control their epilepsy. Abramson testified before the Public Health Committee regarding his thoughts about why the CBD oil bill should be passed.

Drake’s first seizure was in 7th grade while on the football field, according to Chicago Tribune. There was a lot of confusion from his teammates and coach because he didn’t hike the ball – he was having a seizure.

Abramson said, “People don’t even know how huge this is for people in the epilepsy community.”

He tried several pharmaceuticals, some with serious side effects, that affected him negatively.

Jennifer Abramson, Drake’s mother, said, “One day, he ran outside, and there was about a foot of snow on the ground, and he was just in shorts and nothing else, and he just started screaming outside. And I said, this is not my son.”

Another medication was tried, but its long-term side effects included kidney and liver damage. It isn’t known whether or not Drake will qualify for the state’s new program, the family is hopeful that it will help other that have run out of options to treat their epilepsy.

Representative Charlie Brown said, “Drake educated me tremendously on the varying types of epilepsy. It’s really, really a positive that a young man has now wanted to educated not just others that have epilepsy but the general populace about the trials and tribulations.”

Drake Abramson said, “I’m not going to say that this new medicine coming out, the CBD oil, is going to be perfect for everyone because it’s not. Everyone’s body’s different. But having this different option out there, this natural alternative, it will help a lot of people.”

Mrs. Abramson now understands why other families have uprooted and moved to medical marijuana legal states.

She said, “As a parent, when you see your child suffering, if his seizures weren’t well controlled on medication, I would have already been long gone to have that option for him.”

Indiana’s CBD oil law goes into effect on July 1. CBD oil is already being sold and advertised.

Drake closed his comments by saying, “Just think of how many more people are going to be able to go and start getting their driver’s license, being able to go out and get jobs, and just start giving back to Indiana once they’re on a medication that works, hopefully, you know?”

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