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Indiana’s Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Law Delayed Due to Dept. of Health

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House Bill 1148 took effect on July 1. Patients are required to be listed in a state registry to use the oil. The registry, however, is not available.

Families are not able to go to a doctor to obtain a prescription for the CBD oil yet, according to Fox 59 News. The Department of Health is responsible for setting up the registry.

One local family, whose daughter has an epileptic disorder that rejects traditional medicine, is trying to be patient. Families thought this registry would be ready to go when the law took effect.

Jess Hooker, a local mom, said, “I just wish that they could give these families something. Give us something. A date, a time frame. Anything that could get us to the next step.”

Hooker also said, “I don’t think people know how serious this is. When you have a child with epilepsy, every day is a gift. It’s a gift that she’s up, that she’s out of bed, it’s a gift that she’s conscious.”

Bill Friend, who authored the bill, said, “Bear with is. The registry is no doubt going to be forthcoming very shortly and we’ll try to have that ready so people can get on the registry and feel confident they’re going to treat their children and not have any legal problems.”

Friend did say that there is no timeline available but he is willing to contact the Department of Health to attempt to obtain answers.

The Hooker family may have to move to Colorado to get the help they need for their daughter given the delay in the registry being available.

Hooker said, “I just wish they could put themselves in our position and think for just a second what a day in our life is like and how important this medication is to us.”

The State Department of Health offered the following statement, “Implementation of any new law can take time, especially when a new product has to be developed. We’re working to get the registry created as quickly as possible while also ensuring that it is secure and protects the privacy of individuals who are listed on it.”

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