Thursday , May 23 2019
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Indiana Lawmaker Ready to Push Medical Marijuana Legalization


One Indianan lawmaker is hoping that medical marijuana will finally become legal in the state in 2019. Representative Jim Lucas is touring Denver to educate himself about marijuana. Increased education will help him with his push for legalization.

The lawmaker is not using state funds for his travel – it’s all his own money, according to WISH TV 8 News. Lucas wants to see the positive and negative of legalization. The only way to really learn about it is to be present and involved in the local area.

Lucas said, “Lives are being saved. I want to learn from seed to sell. I want to talk to the people that grow it, the people that cultivate it, the government officials that regulate it. I’ll also be meeting with people in the industry for medical cannabis and recreational cannabis: dispensers, grow labs, cultivation facilities, farmers. People from all ends of the spectrum that are in the industry.”

What Lucas learns in Colorado will help him shape a proper legislative plan for Indiana. Legislation was created last session, but did not receive a committee hearing. Indiana legislators are holding a summer study committee regarding medical marijuana. He hopes that it will help boost his agenda for the 2019 session.

Lucas said, “We are going to have another hemp bill come forward. I will be offering that again. I will be offering again another medical cannabis bill. I’m also thinking about looking at decriminalizing 30 grams or less for individual use.”

His push for reform may come as a surprise to many – Lucas is a Republican.

The Indiana Prosecuting Attorney’s Council’s office spokesperson said, “We oppose medical marijuana.”

Lucas said, “I love having opposition. That gives me a forum. We’re having this meeting now because of this very issue. Let’s have that meeting, let’s have that discussion and get both sides up to the table.”

Regarding recreational legalization – Lucas thinks it may be three to five years, but is confident that his medical marijuana legislation will pass in 2019.