Monday , July 26 2021
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Lafayette Store Begins Selling CBD Flower to Customers


iSmoke Vapor in Lafayette is selling smokable CBD flower. The store says the product is legal. The flower can also be used in cooking applications and to make teas.

Surprisingly, the flower is actually marijuana, it just contains a superior amount of CBD to THC, WLFI 18 News reports. The stores has had the flower available since early January. According to the store, their product has been genetically engineered to contain the same amount of THC as hemp (0.3%).

The smoke shop is educating its customers too. The Lafayette Police Department hasn’t determined how to handle the new product since they don’t know much about it yet.

The owner of iSmoke Vapor, Nathan Welton said, “It looks, it smells just like traditional marijuana. We honestly couldn’t believe we were able to sell such a product here in Indiana. CBD flower is the actual plant that is used to manufacture traditional CBD oil.”

When asked what the product is exactly, Welton said, “It is marijuana. The difference is the content of THC.”

Regarding the legality of the product, Welton said, “Law enforcement, for example, they will be confused when they see this product.”

The establishment isn’t hiding the product from law enforcement either. Welton said, “We want them to be aware of this product. We want them to be aware of the legality of this product, and we certainly want them to be aware of the steps that we take here at the shop to assure that people are using this properly.”

Sales are not made to anyone under the age of 21.