Thursday , September 24 2020
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Numerous Indiana Farmers Are Ready to Grow Hemp

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Senate Bill 516 is just waiting for Governor Eric Holcomb to sign it. Roughly 100 Indiana farmers are already included in a research trial regarding hemp cultivation. The new legislation sets up actual regulations for hemp cultivation.

Some farmers are just receiving licenses to grow hemp under the research trial, according to Fox 59 News. It’s not known how long Governor Holcomb will take to sign Senate Bill 516. He is, however, expected to sign the legislation.

When comparing hemp to marijuana, Jamie Petty with the Midwest Hemp Council said, “At this point, I don’t like using this analogy, but the best way to explain it is they’re both snakes, but one’s a rattle snake and one’s a garden snake. So, they really are different.”

Researchers in Indiana will closely follow hemp cultivation to see how it grows and how its thousands of uses can benefit the state economically.

Petty said, “We want to know how we did it and what did it cost. We’ve been asked all along to show economics. Well, you can’t show economics if you’re not growing and you’re not producing.”